Below Ground room sized upto 55m3

4.0kw Standard System - A standard cellar cooling system suitable for most scenarios

  • Price
    £ 2,095 + VAT
  • Type
  • KW @ 12.5 c
  • Manufacturer
    J&E Hall/ Cellarstar
  • Below Ground Size
    55 M3
  • Power Supply
    16amp Fixed Supply
The System

Our Standard Cellar Cooling system is the typical cooling system found in most small/ medium premises storing alcohol. It will incorporate a large indoor unit to increase airflow and reduce cold spots in your room. The indoor unit will incorporate a digital controller where you can monitor and control the room temperature

  • Digital controller to monitor and control the room temperature
  • Quiet & Unobtrusive Outdoor Unit
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • Large Single Fan Indoor Unit
The Install

Installs are carried out on a day that suits your business and completed on the same day. Timescales depend on site and install conditions, but normally installs are complete within 6 hours.

Your install will be carried out by 2 competent, qualified and experienced engineers; we take pride in our installs, ensuring tidy work and best practice when installing and commissioning. In line with UK regulations all engineers onsite will be City & Guilds 2079 trained, and the company is REFCOM registered to enable us to carry out your install

The price on this page for this system includes the installation of the system with further details below. If your install falls outside of the following details, please use out quote form to receive a quick tailor-made quote

  • Decommissioning and removal of existing system
  • Mounting the evaporator and condenser
  • Placing the pipework, insulation and wiring upto a 7m run. The indicated price allows for the drilling through a single brick/ stone wall (65mm hole up to 500mm deep).
  • Connecting the system to an electrical supply (within 2 meters of the indoor unit)
  • Placing the waste pipe to suitable location (within 2 meters of the indoor unit)
  • There may be a surcharge of up to £395.00 for some parts of London, Cornwall, Devon, Wales & Scotland; please contact for more info, or look at the out of area surcharge page under "Price List".

When replacing an existing system we may opt to reuse your existing pipe run if it is suitable, or we are unable to replace due to the pipework location. Existing pipework will be flushed with a cleaning agent at no additional cost.

What is required onsite

A power supply will be required in the room where the indoor system is to be placed; we recommend a 16amp Fixed Supply backed up by a suitable 'c' rated breaker. This service is not provided by VOLLAND Ltd, but can be carried out by your local electrician. If we are replacing an existing system, we can reutilise the existing supply, but it is your responsibility to seek qualified advice to confirm that it is suitable for this system and conforms to current BS 7671 standards.


The evaporator (indoor unit) produces condensate and will require access to a drainage point. This drainage point can either be to the outdoors (if the room is above ground and on an external wall), to a drain or a container. The system price includes overflow pipe to a drain point up to 2m from the evaporator.

Access to the premesies

Parking is required either onsite or close to the premises with any local parking charges covered in the install cost up to £5. If special arrangements are required to enable us to park onsite, then this should be arranged by yourself prior to install. If no parking is on site, there may be further changes to account for additional costs involved in the logistics of the install without parking.

Congestion Charges

London Congestion Charges are covered in full by the London surcharge. All other Congestion Charges outside of London will be covered upto the cost of £5.